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  Employees of any company are the most important asset of the company and everything they do has an impact on customer satisfaction. It is necessary that the human resources department and managers are aware of this and make a series of amenities available to their employees and develop wellness programs to promote healthy habits within their workforce. What is corporate wellness? Corporate wellness or corporate wellness is a strategy promoted and developed by human resources with the aim that the company accepts that it has great responsibility in the lives of its employees. This is because employees spend a large number of hours on company premises. Promoting sports, having control of the physical, mental and emotional health of the employees who work in your company can help you reduce the appearance of diseases that cause sick leave. But it also improves motivation and productivity levels. What is a healthy company?  The one whose culture defends a healthy lifestyle and thus trans
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Stress, overwhelm, tiredness, irascibility, bad mood . The  lack of sleep in our character become even more important if they have a certain impact on our work environment. Just as important as eating and drinking is being able to get a good night's sleep. Surely you get an idea about what are the good habits that generally help you fall asleep. As in everything, each person has their own peculiarities and you must find what are the most effective guidelines in your case. In case you have any questions, always consult your doctor. Establish sleep patterns To sleep well, it is important to maintain specific (and consistent) sleep patterns. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day (weekends included) is one of the best ways to educate your body and brain in this regard. By getting them used to a healthy schedule, over time you will learn to sleep quickly and rest through the night. As for the nap, it is not recommended in case of people with sleeping problems. If you ca


The return of the holidays and the beginning of the school year mark the beginning of the month of September. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures drop and you are likely to feel a little more tired, even in the lowest mood. Although technically we are still in summer, the body is noticing these changes and needs to acclimate to the new season that is about to arrive. Read the following tips carefully and you will be able to prepare for autumn without even realizing it, but positively and directly influencing your well-being. -Take care of your immune system The change from summer to autumn brings an adaptation period in which the immune system can be weakened . A balanced diet is the basis to strengthen it and protect the body from infections and, above all, reduce the risk of colds. The main reason that they are so common at this time is the sudden change in temperatures that ends up taking its toll on the body. Practicing moderate physical activity (at least 20 minutes a d


In September, post-vacation depression is the order of the day in the offices, for that reason and so that the return to work is not so hard, we advise you to include these foods in your diet until you return to the routine. There are certain types of foods that, either because of their composition or simply because of their aroma, are very effective natural relaxants. Herbs or medicinal plants One of the most effective solutions are medicinal plants. An infusion from time to time will purify your body in addition to calming your stress. The infusions are not something that exactly everyone likes, however there are many varieties with very different flavors and aromas, the question is to try until you find the ideal one for you. The most common to calm the nerves are valerian , chamomile , lavender and St. John's wort . Coconut                                                                                                                                                        The a


In maximum cases, we spend 7-10 hours an afternoon at paintings. Too many hours that could come to be destructive our health if we are not cautious: complications, eyestrain, returned ache, belly ache, generalized fatigue, and many others. We must be conscious that it's miles very necessary that we cope with our body and our mind during the working day. But how to do it? Care-health-at-work Here are five pointers that will help you take care of your fitness at paintings: 1. Drink water Drinking may be very crucial for the brain and frame to perform at their great. Without hydration, pollution aren't eliminated and stay stagnant. We suggest you to have a bottle of water in your workplace to drink frequently, ideally outdoor of food. You can also opt for natural teas. 2. Sleep well  Sleep affords the important strength to stand every new workday. Sleeping well is crucial for physical and highbrow nicely-being. If you want to get a terrific night time's sleep , we advocate you


The fruit is good. You comprehend it, you pontificate it, but… do you do it? Here are some motives in order to convince you that the advantages of ingesting fruit are inversely proportional to its fee and ease of acquiring it. Some motives why you have hassle eating fruit Associated with diets to lose weight Years in the past, the emphasis become on growing your fruit intake nearly most effective when you went to the health practitioner to observe a routine as a way to lose weight. With the advent of applications and associations which include five a day , most people of the population has been knowledgeable approximately the fitness blessings of ingesting as a minimum 5 servings of sparkling fruits and vegetables daily . And not most effective at the national level, on the grounds that this association brings together one of a kind agencies present in more than forty international locations on five continents. Thus, they expand sports to promote their intake in a international way wit